lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

Rose Exclusiveclub

Patient name: Rose Age: 24 Video length: 29:18 mins Hi-res pics #: 319 This nasty blonde has a specific problem. A regular dildo doesnt work with her, so the doctor has to figure something out. He decided to test an alternative erotic toy so called passion dual bullets. He put it deep into her pussy and experiments with various speed of vibration. We can assure you, this girlie left his gyno office cured. In this gyno exam you'll see: vitals checkup, breast exam, glass rectal thermometer, palpation, rectal and pussy check with fingers, pussy gaping, tatoo, clear and metal speculum checkup, enema, passion bullets therapy, taking urinal sample, artificial vagina demo Count of Hi-res photos ( 2000x1500px ): 319 Video Formats: HD 1280x720, DVD 640x360, Online streaming

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