miércoles, 4 de abril de 2012

Agnes Exclusiveclub

Patient name: Agnes Age: 22 Video length: 30:20 mins Hi-res pics #: 265 Doctor Tim is always excited when new gorgeous babe visits his practice. Moreover, recently he had to check up some older women (see them at OldPussyExam.com), so this young hotie will be a big pleasure. This beatiful babe has got bigger tits with erected nipples, perfect smile, nice long hair and shaved pussy. This gyn exam includes: vitals and breast checkup, body stretching, rectal thermometer, pussy spreading, plastic and metal speculum checkup, enema, dildo therapy, pussy closeups, internal pussy shots, taking cervical sample Count of Hi-res photos ( 2000x1500px ): 265 Video Formats: HD 1280x720, DVD 640x360, Online streaming

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